No matter where you are now- you will be happy here!


My Passion is to help you enjoy movement - NO MATTER WHERE you ARE NOW!

I never judge or compare - my goal is for you to be better than you were yesterday!

My Athletes...

You come in all shapes and sizes, all experience levels, and from all  walks of life. You may be brand new to movement or athletics, or may have been moving in athletic ways  from a young age - you are all different and diverse!

What you have in common  -  you are treated with respect and dignity at every point in our journey together!  

I understand that not all athletes match my style as a coach. I will be honest with you if it is not working and I hope you will be honest with me too. I am happy to refer you to other coaches that I know in the area - above all I want to increase your love of movement so that your health and wellness are affected!

In their words...

"Thank you Melani! One of the  many things I love about this coach is that I can be my old slow self  and still participate in the training knowing I will always be taken  care of! This training is absolutely all inclusive! 💞 There is room and help for all levels!" 

Marilyn - Duathlete

"I’m in!  Come on people - as a dear friend once told me “where will you ever get better coaching”? Let’s have fun together!" 

Claudia - Triathlete

"I think you made a swimmer out of someone who never thought she could be." 

Michelle - New Triathlete

"Coach Mel made a true open water swimmer out of me. I didn't think  it would be possible." - 

Diana, Triathlete & OWS swimmer